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Thursday 30 September--We dock at FlorÝ just before dawn. I drag myself out of my bunk to see the clear morning and photograph the setting moon.

One of the many little islands along the approach to Bergen.

We land in Bergen at about 2:00pm and find our lodgings, which are at the top of a narrow, switchbacking street that makes Lombard Street in San Francisco look like the Autobahn. The taxi driver takes the long way around. (Later, with our rental car, I will find it easier to go forward down one slope of the street, then back down the next, rather than trying to turn around at each switchback.)

We explore the central town, and are of course attracted to Bryggen, the old warehouse district, where we have dinner.

Each town we visit has its own distinctive manhole covers. Left to right, Kristiansund, Bergen, and Trondheim.


The North Atlantic Arc Home

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